Interviewer: Stay the Buyer – from the beginning to the end

RECRUITING is much more like buying than selling – although you wouldn’t know it from the way most recruiters go about it. They stop the evaluation and begin the selling process as soon as they find someone they like!

Once you start selling, you stop the part of your brain that makes vital judgements. You talk more and the candidate talks less. NOT a good idea as from this point you won’t learn anything new about the candidate, other than what she wants you to know! In short you have given up control of the interview.

Strong recruiting is necessary but it’s much more effective as a marketing tool than a sales pitch. Talking about the great merits of your company after you’ve already interviewed and assessed a candidate can come across as a classic hard-sell. But when you say exactly the same thing before you know much about the candidate, it is shrewd marketing.

There’s much less pressure, since you obviously make this same speech to all candidates!

If you present your job, without hype, as a significant long-term and exciting opportunity, candidates will want to sell you. They will, I assure you, tell you everything you want and need to know (and more).

Finally, remember if you make it too easy for a candidate to get a job, she won’t want it as much. Make it a challenge and harder to get and she’ll work harder herself to convince you she is the PERFECT CANDIDATE.

Trevor Lee, EP International