To Hire or not To Hire – Wait Thirty Minutes

The Candidate looked good on paper, he even impressed the hiring manager during the interview, but two or three months into the new job they suddenly realize that what they got isn’t exactly what they ordered! What went wrong?

It happens all too frequently. Just a few simple steps can help you avoid this painful and costly situation.


Here’s just one tip that will make a world of difference:

▸ Wait 30 minutes into the interview before making any judgment about the candidate‘s fit for the position!

Here’s why:

▸ The traditional interview is actually not much better than a simple coin toss for selecting a good future employee. Some managers boast that they can tell in an instant if a candidate is a good fit or not. This arrogance often leads to rejecting good candidates and accepting fast talking, amiable but often less competent candidates.

Why wait 30 minutes?

▸ It psychological! If you have a good rapport with the person right away, they’re well dressed, articulate and amiable, you end up asking easier questions and not probing as deeply. You will likely let things slide and give them the benefit of the doubt.

▸ On the other hand, If you immediately dislike the person based on appearance or mannerisms, you end up being negative, asking harder questions, cutting the interview short and not really listening.

▸  Learn to control your emotions.

▸ Measure performance first, wait 30 minutes and you’ll eliminate many hiring mistakes.

AUG 31 2010

Trevor Lee – EP International