Keep Your Company’s Social Media Accounts Safe

It’s happened to high-profile companies like McDonalds and Jeep — hackers take control of corporate social media accounts and send inappropriate messages to tens of thousands of followers. Don’t let it happen to your company.


Take these precautions:

  • Get serious about passwords: Don’t let social media managers choose their own passwords (“password” is still commonly used). Instead, use a social media management system that allows employees to log in with the same username and password used for company email. That way the master switch for turning accounts on and off remains in IT’s hands.

  • Centralize channels: Consolidate all of your accounts within a single system that allows users to publish to multiple profiles on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other networks from one secure interface.

  • Offer basic social media education: Just a little can go a long way. Provide training on security and compliance issues.

Source: Harvard Business Review


Trevor Lee     EP International


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One comment on “Keep Your Company’s Social Media Accounts Safe

  1. Hello Trevor. Although not strictly to do with social media security, I think it is also important for companies to ensure they have clear social media guideline documents in place. The threat to a corporate Twitter or Facebook account is not always external — the case of HMV employees taking over that company’s Twitter account in January, for example [] — and firing a member of staff over inappropriate or improper use of social media when no clear social media policy is in place can leave a company open to costly litigation or payouts. If employees are to have access to corporate social media accounts, they should have read, and signed agreement to, a social media policy.


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