Two Interviewing Techniques That Help You Really Get to Know Candidates

During interviews, candidates often offer practiced responses. Try taking a few risks to help you probe past their canned answers.

On-the-spot interview coaching is a simple way to get your candidate to open up and answer your questions more thoroughly. Give the person a coaching directive, such as “Can you please answer the same question by telling me a story with an arc?” This strategy enables you to assess whether the candidate is receptive to feedback and whether they can integrate that feedback into the rest of the interview.

If you want to change the environment of the interview and understand a candidate’s social capability in high-stress situations, try group interviews, which naturally create scenarios that strain social dynamics. This will help you determine who stands out as a natural leader. These techniques will ensure that you find stronger employees who are well-suited for your company.


Adapted from “Interview Techniques That Get Beyond Canned Responses,”

by Alicia Bassuk and Jodi Glickman

Trevor Lee


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