Set Clear Ground Rules for Your Virtual Team

All workplaces need ground rules, but they’re particularly important for remote work.

When a team is spread out among branch offices, coffee shops, and hotel lobbies, people may have wildly different ideas about what’s expected of them.

Make clear what kind of latitude and independence team members can expect, what resources will be available to them, and how much team members will be expected to travel.

If people work in different time zones, it’s critical to set ground rules around working hours, too. Managers should think about these questions:

  • What times of day are team members expected to be available?

  • How will you schedule meetings to accommodate each person?

  • What should people do if they find their responsibilities require them to work overtime or outside their scheduled hours?.

Giving the team this kind of guidance up front will help them work more effectively.

Trevor Lee



One comment on “Set Clear Ground Rules for Your Virtual Team

  1. Asha Sampath says:

    Very relevant and useful topic in the current scenario when Virtual teams are maturing into healthy organisations and becoming a force to reckon with for the traditional setups. One other challenge that probably needs to be well managed is the NDA in order to protect interest of the ultimate client adequately


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